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We can be of assistance in various ways! Here we offer some very interesting tips so that you can understand your garage door better. We understand that most people are interested in advices related to garage door maintenance and safety. Our tips can be helpful on various levels. Enjoy them! Here are tried and tested garage door repair and maintenance tips for all types of garage doors.

  • Check-up Periodically

    It is important to have your garage door checked periodically, following a recommended and scheduled interval. According to our experts, garage doors, like other equipment and machines, naturally deteriorate over time if they are not well maintained. Part of proper maintenance is going over periodic check-ups, just like how we do it with our health.

  • Be aware of broken cables

    Broken garage door cables will create chaotic situations in the garage if you are not careful. According to our specialists in Lafayette if you try to open the door when the cable is broken, the door will probably bend and, as a consequence, garage door tracks will bend, too. Broken cables will keep you from opening the door.

  • Programming a remote

    There are different styles of remote and if you own a learn code style, activate the learn button and then press the remote button a couple of times. If you own a dip switch style remote, then you can match the switches at the back of the garage door opener with the switches inside the remote.

  • How to avoid bumping the car into garage doors

    The size of garage doors is directly related to the size of your cars. Hence, when it's time to replace the existing garage door, it's good to evaluate your needs and consider whether you will soon replace your car. If you need more space, get an overhead or rollup garage door but it is equally important to slow down when you drive in.

  • Don't work under open garage doors

    Standing under garage doors is not wise and, in fact, can be proven extremely dangerous. Even if you engage in garage door repair and you are sure about the excellent condition of the opener sensors at your home in Lafayette, standing or working under an open panel is dangerous. You never know with machines and it's easy to escape an accident by moving one step farther.

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