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Learn the best methods for efficient garage door maintenance.If you have questions about your garage door opener, check out our FAQ page for the answers to most common questions. But if you are still concerned, give our experts a call. Our team of professionals can solve any issue you have at the best rates.

What does R-value mean and how is it beneficial to me?

The R-value refers to a standard measurement of thermal efficiency or to put it simply, it's the insulation value of the garage door. A low value indicates that the door may not be able to provide better insulation on cold days or remain cool on a hot day. Garage door repair experts recommend a minimum of R-11 in the Lafayette area but an R-14 is preferred if you spend a lot of time in the room just above the garage.

What is the recommended garage door opening measurement?

All homeowners like their garage to work efficiently right through the year and ideally the opening should be around one-fourth of an inch smaller than the door itself. This will help in sealing the door better than an opening which is the same size as the door itself. The weatherstripping will further help in sealing the door and you are assured of being protected from harsh weather conditions.

When is the best time to replace the garage door?

When garage doors get old, start sagging and wooden ones warp. In case of damage, garage door replacement is required. A new one will come much cheaper than keep repairing the current one. It will also add to the house's appeal and return the value of your investment if you decide to sell.

Why does my garage door hit the floor and then reverses?

This problem occurs when the opener’s travel limit is set beyond the floor's level. Which means the system "thinks" it's supposed to closer a little after it reaches the floor, but when the door hits the floor, the safety reversal mechanism turns on and the door opens back up. Adjusting the travel limit will usually solve this issue.

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